For A Brighter Kentucky


A Little Bit About Drew...

     Drew Williams was born and raised in Marshall County Kentucky. He attended Jonathan Elementary, South Marshall Middle, and Marshall County High School.  From an early age he developed an avid love for books and reading, often combing the libraries and spending his free time in class quietly reading. Drew graduated from Marshall County High School in May of 2011 after helping lead the basketball team to the state tournament for the first time in sixteen years. To play on the floor of Rupp Arena was a dream of his like many Kentuckians.

    After graduating from high school Drew attended Murray State University pursuing a degree in Biology to study medicine. It wasn’t long before he realized a passion for political discussion and helping those less fortunate, changing his major to History in order to better understand our past to help accurately direct our future. It was here that he met his wife, Eryn Pritchett, who is currently attending the University of Notre Dame for a Masters in Classics. 

     During his time at Murray State, he became involved with the Kentucky Student Environmental Coalition--an organization that promotes environmentalism and advocacy for the marginalized individuals across the Commonwealth—becoming Murray State’s regional delegate. Upon graduating from Murray State, Drew began working as a personal assistant for David Ramey in the 5th District State House campaign for 2016. Walking door-to-door across Calloway and Trigg Counties throughout the summer, he set about promoting the values of education and community engagement in Kentucky. More recently, he has worked as the campaign manager for the Sam Gaskins for U.S. House campaign for 2018 before unforeseen circumstances forced that campaign to come to an unfortunate end.

     It was then that he decided that it was a perfect opportunity to throw his hat in the ring and fully offer his body and soul to the pursuit of bettering the lives of his fellow Kentuckians. Drew is a strong proponent of education, a strong middle class, environmental protection, and creating a more inclusive and robust society that can flourish in a 21st-century economy.  He has a positive and honest personality, is an attentive conversationalist, and treats everyone with the inherent respect and dignity that should be afforded to all individuals.   He has worked for his family's boat dock building company in Draffenville Kentucky since he was 15 years old and is the campground manager at Southern Komfort Campground and Marina.